2017 Blue Buffalo
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Presentation Highlights

This series of Continuing Education sessions was developed to provide veterinarians and clinic staff with practical information on timely, relevant topics in veterinary medicine. The overall goal is to share information and insights from veterinary experts in oncology, nutrition, clinic communications and practice management. The following summary of CE session highlights includes a contact page to receive information about the 2018 CE series (info to come in Spring ’18).

Advances in the Immunotherapy of Cancer

Dr. London provided information and insights to help veterinarians stay up-to-date with veterinary oncology advancements as they learn how immunotherapy approaches are transforming…

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Pet Cancer Update: What is on the Horizon for Veterinary Oncology?

Dr. Post provided a brief history of human immune-oncology with a timeline of significant milestones in the development of active immunotherapy. He defined immune…

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What Foods These Morsels Be: Nutrition in Practice

Dr. Bartges and Dr. Raditic shared nutrition insights with a presentation that helped practitioners navigate through the ever-changing pet nutrition landscape. Through real-life…

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Client Communications – Using the Team to Add Value to the Client Relationship

Dr. Vande Linde talked about starting with the clinic’s WHY and the building blocks of clinic communications: the reason the clinic was created and is that WHY…

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Sharpen Your Soft Skills to Stand Out in the Crowd, Boost Compliance, and Increase Practice Satisfaction

Dr. Wooten presented content to help veterinarians understand the difference between perspective-taking and empathy, how to…

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