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Pet Cancer Update:

What is on the Horizon for Veterinary Oncology?

Dr. Post provided a brief history of human immune-oncology with a timeline of significant milestones in the development of active immunotherapy. He defined immune-oncology as using the body’s immune system to fight cancer through dendritic cell therapy, antibody therapy, cytokine therapy, checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T therapy. Dr. Post shared his perspective on innovation in cancer research, prevention and therapy including an overview of cancer vaccines – autologous, whole tumor, lysate, DNA, peptide, dendritic cell and bacteria-based vaccines. He also talked about tanovea, the first new chemotherapy approved for lymphoma.

Regarding client communications, Dr. Post has created educational materials for clients and veterinary professionals including 10 Warning Signs of Pet Cancer. This material is used to increase awareness of the early warning signs of cancer in dogs and cats, and to encourage clients to discuss the clinical signs with their veterinarian. Based on more than 30 years of clinical experience and participation in clinical oncology research worldwide, Dr. Post presented his optimistic view of comparative oncology that can be used to more effectively diagnose and treat many cancers in animals and humans.


Quotes from Dr. Post

“Having been in the veterinary oncology field for 30 years, including a long history working with Blue Buffalo on pet nutrition and cancer research, I believe the future looks brighter than ever before. There are advances being made in molecular diagnostics, genomics and proteomics that give me incredible hope that we will be able to treat and eventually cure the majority of cancers that we see.”

“When I talk to clients about chemotherapy or radiation therapy, I make the point that it’s not something we do to the pet, it’s something we do for them. That’s a big difference. Most therapies we use are designed to improve the pet’s quality of life as well as treat the disease.”

“It was fun for me to talk about advances in veterinary oncology. I received a lot of positive feedback from the audience about things they had never heard before and treatments that are potentially useful in their practice, especially new chemotherapies and use of other chemotherapies and immuno-oncology therapies.”

Dr Post

About Dr. Gerald Post

Gerald Post, DVM, MEM, DACVIM (Oncology), is principal and practice owner of The Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT. He is co-founder of Innnogenics, a specialty reference laboratory that supports veterinary oncologists, veterinary clinicians and pet owners dealing with canine cancer. Dr. Post graduated with distinction from Cornell University and received his DVM degree from the University of Minnesota. He is a board-certified veterinary oncologist, member of the Blue Buffalo Veterinary Advisory Board, and founder of the Animal Cancer Foundation.

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