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Client Communications –

Using the Team to Add Value to the Client Relationship

Dr. Vande Linde talked about starting with the clinic’s WHY and the building blocks of clinic communications: the reason the clinic was created and is that WHY captured in the Core Values, Vision & Mission, to create Points of Differentiation, Build Trust based on consistency, predictability, integrity, respect for confidentiality, and commitment to shared purpose and goals.

With a team-based approach to client education, strive to define clear job roles and responsibilities for all team members using team values. Why? To create a client experience that will result in pets getting the care they need with the education they deserve. For this to happen, client engagement using open questions and active listening needs to occur before clients are given recommendations they aren’t prepared to accept. Follow a systematic team approach to builds trusting relationship.

When the whole team focuses on enhancing client communications, the clinic will improve client engagement and trust which leads to greater client loyalty and client compliance with treatment recommendations. Develop highly visible scoreboards, e -bulletin boards, or announcements of progress toward team goals and priorities. Establish an internal “best practices and good tries” communication system can reinforce the team values and behaviors.


Quotes from Dr. Vande Linde

“To serve clients, you need to know what gets you talked about and what makes you different. When you know what makes your practice special, then you can engage your team, move forward and grow. Communication is the foundation of your practice. Through communication, you relay the core values and processes of the hospital to your team, clients and the community.”

“A free flow of timely information with active communication is the lifeblood of a learning organization and the lynchpin of the success of veterinary practices. The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Advisory Board and the company’s veterinary team are committed to educating veterinarians and advancing the profession.”

Dr Vande Linde

About Dr. Mary Ann Vande Linde

Mary Ann Vande Linde, DVM, is a graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. In addition to private practice experience, her background includes teaching at veterinary colleges, technician schools, veterinary conferences, consulting on practice management issues and coaching veterinary clinic teams on communications and professional success. As a nationally recognized veterinary consultant and educator with VMC Inc., Dr. Vande Linde has worked with management teams at IDEXX Laboratories, Pet Health Network, Novartis Animal Health, Elanco Animal Health, Merial Animal Health, Zoetis and Virbac. She currently serves on the Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) board. She is also a member of the BLUE Veterinary Advisory Board.

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